img 1Mrs. Joshna Begum is 31 years old. She lives in Hatpara of Barogachi village. She is wife of Mr. Mostak Ahamed who is a small farmer and sharecropper. She had been married when she was at 18 years old. She is now mother of one daughter who is reading in class five. They have own only 33 decimal of agriculture land.

Mrs. Joshna had been involved into Rangdhonu SHG before about two years when
WAVE Foundation undertook initiative to form group in the project area. From the beginning, she actively participated to all group activities.

Even she motivated other members of her group to deposit more savings into the group fund so that they can get. the chance to get involved into feasible IGAs by taking loan from the group.
Mrs. Joshna received a bullock at the cost of BDT. 20,000 on 11 May, 2011 as a gift of the project. She also received training on Heifer’s cornerstones, improved animal management, gender & justice and SHG management from the project. She stated spontaneously at time of interview that “the learning of trainings has made a big change in my mind set-up”.

She practices most of cornerstones in her family and social life such as feeding nutritious food to the children, caring and rearing of the cow/bullock, cleaning household and its premise including bullock shed, cooperation of husband’s work etc. She always cooperates with and support close neighbors particularly in time of crisis. She said, “the principle of passing on the gifts encourages me to help others in real sense”. Mrs. Joshna ensured proper food, shelter, and treatment to the bullock she received from the project. In first time, she sold the bullock at price of 37000 BDT after only about six months of receiving the gift. That means that she profited 17000 BDT. She invested the profit money to the potato cultivation and repaid first part of the gift (5000) to the group. She purchased again a bullock by 19000 BDT and the rest of money was used their families development. She is working hard to fattening the bullock by giving food, treatment and accommodation properly.

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