img 1Fulmoni Murmu lives in a tribal village Holdibona (project area) with her husband, a daughter & a son. Her husband’s has no own land and cultivated in leasing land from other land owner. With a very little income from agro-production they are facing a lot of problems to meet their daily life expenses. So that Fulmoni sold a old sewing machine by using her long-term little savings and earned extra money to help the family expenses by making a cloths for women & girls at the village.
Meanwhile, Fulmoni joint the Mitjamak Nari Unnayan Samity and the group members selected her as joint secretary. After getting vegetable seeds from the project for kitchen/homestead gardening as well as linked them to Sub-Assistant

Agriculture Officer (SAAO) for getting agricultural services (advice & technical assistance). As per instruction of SAAO, Fulmoni prepared her garden bed properly and cultivated vegetables. She hoped to getting quality vegetables from the garden to meet the family vegetables needs. She look after the garden carefully as per instruction of SAAO in a regular manner and her husband also helped her to do so.

img 2After a certain time it has been started the production of vegetables. Her husband stated that, “he expensed TK. 800-900 per month for brought comparatively low quality vegetables from the market to meet their family needs. But in last three months he did not buy any vegetables from the market”. As a result, a total amount of Tk. 2400 -2700 saved against vegetables purposes during this period. They used the saved money to make their children school dress, bought the educational materials (books, pen, note book etc) and other family expenses. It is mentioned that, in previous year they had taken loan from others with high interest but this year they did not take any loan form others to bear the expenses against above mentioned purposes. In addition to that, she got opportunity to practice the cornerstones learning of pass-on gift to others. So that she given vegetables to nine SHG members from her production. Now Fulmoni inspired the other group members and community including transferred her technology for meets the family vegetable needs that also help to fulfill the nutrition for keep the good health.
In conclusion, it is strongly told that Fulmoni proved “where there is a will there is a way”

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