As the world has become increasingly interdependent and globalized, and hunger and poverty have reached extraordinary levels, the mission to end hunger and poverty requires supporting sound community-based work that builds social capital and business skills and knowledge that empowers the communities to take proper actions to achieve sustainability.

Values-Based Holistic Community Development (VBHCD) is the development approach used by Heifer Bangladesh. It is a people-centered model, not a program just for distributing inputs to the people, but for bringing positive changes in individual, groups and communities, creating impact at three levels such as ground level, deeper level and external level. It flourishes in the lateral partnership of Heifer International Bangladesh, the NGO partners and the project participant called Triadic Partnership Model. This approach started empowering community people economically, environmentally and socially with solidarity and cohesiveness for their healthy growth. Project partners facilitated SHG members as well as the community members bringing greater solidarity within the community to undertake different activities which include improved animal management technologies, cultivation of fodder grass, plantation of fruit and timber trees, improved vegetable cultivation techniques, developing the savings habit of the self- help group members, value chain development, market linkage for undertaking different activities for increasing the income of the SHG members.

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