collective effort willSreenagar is one of the unions of the Bhairab Upazila. Here 250 members of 5 OG and 5 PoGs have formed the Project Management Committee (PMC) under the BPES phase 2. In the monthly meeting of PMC in November 2011, the members decided that they would collect handful of rice (locally known as “musti chal”) from every family and with the money raised from that rice they would establish a school. The school especially targeted children of ultra-poor families who have dropped out of their earlier education or couldn’t attend school at all due to extreme poverty and aimed to provide non-formal primary education.
Their idea came to fruition in last December as the school started functioning. Initially children can study here up to level/class 5 which is usually denoted as primary schooling.

Age doesnt matterHares Ali, age 78 was a poor day laborer and his wife Jaygun Begum, age 65 (a group member of Golap SHG, Joari karigor para) is living in Joari village under Natore district of Bangladesh. He is a poor van puller and has very polite personality. He loves his wife very much and the values of his life are indescribable. He is full of enthusiasm and made an example for other projects male member of Heifer Joari groups since his wife joining in the project in 2009. He always shows his positive attitude and gave support to her wife Joygun to involve the group activity. By pulling van at the age of 78 he regularly gave money to his wife for depositing group savings. When all are demanding cows he and his wife expressed their demand for goats & chickens. He has the satisfaction by receiving 10 chickens, 1 chicken cage and 2 goats from the project as a gift. He always provided support to his wife to manage fodder grass for their goats, regularly bought chickens food and other nutritious food for their cattle. Made well sheds for the goats and time to time provided vaccines and de worming medicines for their goats and chickens. He has no objection in receiving training for his wife more ever he always has positive thinking in receiving training.

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